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Randy Mason started drumming with Jimmy C. Newman in April, 1984. 
In 1988 he played with Conway Twitty. 
In '90 he went back to the Opry until he joined Merle Haggard and was one of "THE STRANGERS". He was with Merle from Sept. '96 until Feb. '99. He recorded acoustic guitar and drums on 6 of his albums. 

He recorded two albums with JOHN ENGLAND AND THE WESTERN SWINGERS, that were #1 on the western swing charts. Recently Randy has just finished an album that features songs he and his brother, Brent Mason (the Nashville Session Guitarist) wrote. Writing credits including instrumentals and vocals, it has swing, jazz, and blues on it. It is to be released in early October, 2006. Currently Randy is playing the Opry with Jimmy C. and also plays various sessions and club dates.

Listen to Soundclips of the new album with brother Brent Mason, "Smokin' Section" - click here!

New album is now available - 

Listen to a soundclip:  
"Bringin' Home Good News" 

Listen to more samples from this album –

Go to to hear them.

Ready to purchase? You can download mp3’s from the album HERE or purchase the CD by clicking HERE.

 The first 100 get an autographed copy!




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